The Relaunch

Welcome to the new Ryan Freeze Design website.

I’ve been looking at a redesign for a long time. I feel like this is much closer to what I had imagined my site to be like since the beginning. I plan on focusing more on my freelance services and find the best way to display my portfolio to the world.

I have more updates in the works and more projects to be added. I plan on expanding my web design section as I grow more in that field, which I’m very excited about.

Take a look around and browse my work. If you like what you see, shoot me a message, and let’s work together!

More updates to follow soon!

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Personal Development

When I was in middle school, I worked on website with Tripod and Freewebs religiously. I'd come home from school and work on the various websites I had at the time from music to video game websites. When Myspace came out, I suddenly found myself learning basic HTML to meticulously update themes so I could change text color or embed a music video in the copy.

Fast forward to today, I've realized how much I miss doing that. My web design course from school is a distant memory and what little I remember is probably outdated. Web design is the future, and I've decided to make that my focus.

I've started from the beginning. I'm watching Lynda videos, YouTube tutorials, reading books, blogs, and magazines to get a firm grasp on HTML, CSS, and JQuery. I'm very excited about learning this from the beginning and applying it for real. 

I'm going to start posting in my blog more regularly. One of the topics will be updates on the web design projects that I'm working on, amongst others. I'm gonna document this new skill, so it could help me and maybe someone else learn too.

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